Canus Capital Corporation

Corporate Finance Services

George Dorin

CANUS Capital Corporation provides corporate finance advisory services to Canadian and US-based public and private companies by accessing Canadian, US, and offshore sources of capital. Services include private placements of debt and equity (PIPE's), refinancing with existing lenders, assisting to take companies public by way of an Initial Public Offering, Reverse Merger (including with CPC's), and with mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. We also provide Financial Management Advisory Services (FMAS) and can take on a part-time CFO role, Corporate Secretary position, or appointment to the Board of Directors or Advisory Board to facilitate a transaction. Our focus is to work with predominantly small and micro cap industrial, telecom, technology, biotech, agrifood, franchisors, mineral exploration, real estate development, or cleantech companies. CANUS President George Dorin has been providing a range of corporate finance and financial management advisory services to over 40 companies since 1987 and works with several associates, investment banks and sub-agents to achieve results for its clients.